• Super Birki Black
  • Super Birki Black
  • Super Birki Black

Kind Walking

Super Birki Black

$ 74.95

For those wet, dirty jobs, this style provides long-term comfort because the replaceable cork footbed supports your feet and will mold to your feet over time. Made of tough polyurethane that resists scuffing and grime and washes off easily. Soles are slip-resistant and very durable. Made in Germany. Great as a chef clog.
Size Euro/US
  • 36/W5
  • 37/W6
  • 38/W7 M5
  • 39/W8 M6
  • 40/W9 M7
  • 41/W10 M8
  • 42/M9 W11
  • 43/M10
  • 44/M11
  • 45/M12
  • 46/M13
  • 47/M14
  • 48/M15
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