• Birko Tex Foam Insole
  • Birko Tex Foam Insole


Birko Tex Foam Insole

$ 24.95

You can't imagine how your feet suffer during the course of a day when trapped in tight, uncomfortable shoes with board-like soles. Ordinary insoles offer no relief. Birkenstock insoles mirror the natural curves of your feet. They support where necessary while giving the feet and toes ample room.

Size Euro/Us
  • 36/W6
  • 37/W7
  • 38/W8
  • 39/W9
  • 40/W10 M8
  • 41/W11 M9
  • 42/M10
  • 43/M11
  • 44/M12
  • 45/M13
  • 46/M14
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