• Alpro A630 Black

Kind Walking

Alpro A630 Black

$ 109.95

ALPRO-foam is non-abrasive and non -slip polyurethane product, and can even be washed at up to 149F. Fit is generous, heel is loose to provide adequate ventilation. This style is slip resistant, and comes with a molded replaceable cork footbed. Ideal as a chef clog or for medical professions.

Size Euro/US
  • 36/W5
  • 37/W6
  • 38/W7 M5
  • 39/W8 M6
  • 40/W9 M7
  • 41/W10 M8
  • 42/M9 W11
  • 43/M10 W12
  • 44/M11
  • 45/M12
  • 46/M13
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